Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ghostride lives on.....

still waiting on my interview with Chris Fehn!!!! anyways...been holed up in our little studio working on two new will haven songs, hopefully demo them tommorow night, I will post some sights and sounds from that little sesh. I have been getting alot of emails about Ghostride. If you have not heard of Ghostride its a side project that we did with our good friend Rey Osburn (Death Valley High/Tinfed) We recorded a four song demo with Eric Stenman and then a full length record called Cobra Sunrise back in 2004. Eventhough the record never really got noticed we were still able to play some cool shows and even did a UK tour with Biffy Clyro. We never were able to make another record due t0 Rey being busy with his band and us getting will haven back together. Well Rey and I got together recently and we talked about doing another Ghostride record. So im pretty stoked about that because I have alot of great ideas for that band. Of course will haven is the most important thing right now and we have alot of work to do, so I wouldnt expect anything until we are done touring for this new will haven record, but a new Ghostride record will see the light of day eventually. So anyone who enjoyed the first record hopefully will dig this little news. So that is whats up with the G Ride...and if anyone see's Chris Fehn tell him im waiting!! thank you!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

sit down with Grady...

here is a little friendly interview I did with Grady, to let you know yes hes back and still alive...

Jeff: First off, I am very happy to say this, so welcome back to will haven my brother....

Did you miss us at all while you were gone?

Grady: A little
Jeff: We played some benefit shows for our brother Chi (Deftones) last year, you did most of those shows with us and then one amazing show in San Francisco, I know for the band it felt really good to have you up there, how was it for you walking on stage after 5 years?
Grady: Playing the benefit shows were alot of fun and it was nice to play a few oldies and see some friends I haven't seen in a long time. However, the show in SF was awesome. The flame to play music for me was reignited. It felt natural, like I had never stepped aside at all.
Jeff: Yeah the shows for Chi were special, I never wanted to have to do a show like that for a friend but everyones heart was in a good place. It was good to see all the old school friends come together for our brother, we even had the OG will haven line up, Mike on bass and Wayne on drums for one song, that was rad! love you cheng! The SF show was insane, definately brought back that feeling back to me as well.
Jeff: You and I have been best bros since we were 12 but I can honestly say along with alot of other people that you are by far one of the most amazing frontmen in the game, your charisma, style and voice, no one comes close. How do you feel onstage when your up there? is it confidence or are you just in the moment letting it all go? because it is all heart up there...
Grady: We have been friends a long time..I just drove by Alice Birney (our elementary school) the other day, it brought back memories. As for being on stage, it would have to be a combination of the wall of sound surging through me, the emotional landscapes, the lyrics paint in my mind.
Jeff: What is one of your favorite memories with will haven?
Grady: Justin and I were reminiscing the other day. He reminded me of the trip we took down south and played a garage in San Diego, 50 plus kids sweating to the Haven in a carpet lined garage, good times...
Jeff: Yeah that show was interesting, our "manager" at the time said he had a show for us in Chula Vista (just south of San Diego) we show up and its some dudes garage in the middle of a residential neighborhood, turned out to be a rad show, kids stagediving on top of us, breaking our shit, good times indeed..I think that night actually sucked for Justin, I remember he was hella sick and slept in the van while we played, then while he was trying to sleep someone egged our van!! I love Justin but he was the tiki doll (bad luck charm) of will haven.
Jeff: What is your favorite song to play live?
Grady: I'll throw a few at ye...Ego's Game, I've Seen My Fate and Carpe diem.
Jeff: Stick up Kid for me...
Jeff: You have a favorite will haven show that stands out in your mind?
Grady: I'd have to say every show we played in England. Man a pint sounds good right about now..
Jeff: I will have to speak up for Mitch and say a kabob as well.
Jeff: You and I are big AM radio fans, but what have you been rocking music wise lately?
Grady: Lately I have been forced to listen to the Chimpmunk soundtrack. Hot Snakes and Barkmarket are always in heavy rotation.
Jeff: You excited about recording another record?
Grady: Yes! I'm definately excited about recording another record.
Jeff: Yeah me too..the first thing I think about when I hear back the demos is "man I cant wait to hear Grady over this" so im pretty stoked how its coming together, Going to be good...
Jeff: So there is the Grady trademark that no one else can duplicate, its the "no shoes" policy on stage. Do you remember first doing that? and why some nights with shoes and others not?
Grady: Well that is a very interesting question. Unfortunately, the answer is not. I think we were on tour and I was wearing boots and did not want to break my ankle. So I doffed my boots and went barefoot. After that if the mood struck me I'd go barefoot. Now I'm thinking about it, its a bit of a primal feeling playing barefooted. Im grounded to the floor and can feel the vibrations of the drums and the amps flowing from the floor up through me.
Jeff: I never really noticed it until one night I walked off stage and saw just pools of blood everywhere, I came around the corner and saw you sitting on the counter with your feet in the sink just covered in blood. I said "what happend?" you said there was broken glass all over the stage, I remember saying "why the hell werent you wearing shoes?" thats when Wayne said "he never does!" so after that I would look over and there you were with no shoes, I thought it was pretty rad..
Jeff: Well my friend, im not a journalist, just a stupid guitar player so my ass is out of questions, but im stoked, along with the rest of the guys, to have you back where you belong, cant wait to finish this new record and play it live, you stoked or what???
Grady: Fuck yeah!!! I cant wait to take my place behind the mic and trigger the tsunami that is will haven.

Monday, April 19, 2010

good times.....

Thanks to everyone who has been stopping by the blog, didnt know how many peeps checked this but it seems people are curious about our dumbasses, so thats rad, thank you!! since the feedback has been cool I wanted to keep up with the blog and post whatever whenever, just to make your trip here somewhat interesting, so as of right now Im waiting on an interview with one Chris Fehn, I did last week, but he is taking his time getting that back to me....but its all good, so if he doesnt get it back to me by tommorow im going to throw a snippet of a new demo'd song for the record, so we will see. I have interviews coming in from Grady and Mitch on the way as well, then I may give them the password to post shit, we will see, giving the guys in this band an open forum is dangerous...So check back tommorow and see what we ended up with.

(above pic)
I found this pic today when I was going through some WH pics, it was a tour we did with the Deftones back in 98. Such a rad time..this show was at the now torn down Astoria Theatre in London England. This was the last show of our 2 month tour with them accross Europe, Grady and I came out and did Head Up with them, the crowd was insane as you can see, now thats a show...good times with some of our best friends..If you havent heard the Tones have a new record coming out May 4th, GO GET IT!!! its beyond sick...thanks everyone..keep coming back, this shits fun..

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

a little break...

been working hard on the record the last few weeks so this week we took a little break, some went to the ocean, some moving boxes, and some of us went to see Faith No More, Last time I had seen them was on the Angel Dust tour, that was like 17 years ago...I think Chris was able to see them last summer when they played a few shows with them, which I hate him for but its all good..All I can say is that bringing Faith No More back is the best thing the music gods could have ever resurrected. They were amazing, and would have to say were better than the last time I saw them in 93. Such sick musicians and Mike Patton is by far one of the best singers/showmen to ever grace the stage, they played for 2 hours and just ripped I left feeling inspired and happy to have seen one of my all time favorite bands again..if they roll through town check them out, it needs to be witnessed in person...(this pic was taken from the show the other night, patton still brings it)

so now its back to writting some more riffs...



Monday, April 12, 2010

will haven news

hello! as we are in the works of putting together an "official" will haven site, we decided to hop on the blog train and post whats going on in the world of the haven...along with a little help from our friends we are going to post news, pics, interviews and yes even some tasty little samples of the new music, so its on kids!!! I think most of us are pretty bored during the day so expect this baby to be updated quite often..have fun and enjoy what goes on in our twisted little brains...


Jeff, Grady, Mitch, Chris, and yes Pag....