Friday, November 19, 2010


Its been a bit but wanted to update everyone on the record, we have tracked all the guitars, bass and drums. We tracked 12 songs (not sure if all 12 will be on there). We recorded it here in Sacramento with our good friend Matt Pedri. We are very happy with the way its coming together. As of now we are in the mixing process and adding some stuff here and there, Grady is due to come into the studio in the next week and start laying down vocals. We are pretty excited to hear Grady over this stuff, going to be insane. Thank you for the support and we will update again soon.
will haven


  1. Can't f'n wait... Hopefully you guys will make it up Canada. Are you guys looking for a web designer for a new site? I'd be more than happy to offer my services...

    Godspeed... Seriously can't wait for the record.

  2. Awesome news. New Crowbar soon, New Will Haven soon. Nice.

  3. I'm very happy to hear the news about the album,can't wait to listen new album and know when you'll post the tour dates!Hello to all the band's members and particularity to Chris Fehn<3

  4. can't wait! You guys are fucking amazing, it's gonna be a great day for me when i can see you on tour (should you decide to)!