Friday, June 18, 2010

practice practice practice

practice 6-17-10

just a little update, we are back in the practice room and have been hard at work on the new record. We are playing the new songs over and over, making changes here and there and just getting them down tight. Seems like this record is taking forever but when we look back we are happy we are taking our time because the songs just keep getting better. We will continue to write until we figure out our recording situation. Im hoping we will find out soon where we are going to do this record, quite a few options at the moment. The main thing is to just make this record as good as it can be and its definately on the right track, the heaviest darkest stuff I have ever heard. Some shows in the works and we will let you know when we get some dates together. keep in touch...

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  1. That sounds fucking awesome, I can't wait to hear the heaviest darkest WHVN shit ever, can't imagine a heavier album than Carpe Diem. Completely stoked for every little bit of news you guys are posting.