Wednesday, May 26, 2010

TO PAUL WITH LOVE............

*this pic was taken by my wife Alice the last time they played near our town*

Wow im pretty speechless with what has happend in the past few days. Paul Gray, I cant believe you have left us so soon. Paul was a truely special and beautiful person. I met the Slipknot guys when they took will haven on tour with them in 2000, during their first record. From that time on I considered those guys family. Of course I didnt get to see them as much as I wanted to since they were off conquering the world, but when I did see them it was like we had never had time apart. I was always excited to see Paul because everytime I saw him he would give me the biggest hug and say "I love you man" and when he said that you knew he meant it. He truely had a huge heart. He was the real deal. Just to think how much one guy has changed the world, Paul did that. He started Slipknot, brought all those guys together, wrote the majority of the music, made their dreams come true and brought a whole bunch of people with him, including us. If it wasnt for Paul I would have never of met Chris who I consider one of my best friends. The Slipknot guys are probably the tightest family I have ever met playing music, so I can only imagine what those guys are feeling right now, It has to be like losing a true family member, not a band member. My heart goes out to my brothers, Joey, Jim, Corey, Shawn, Sid, Mick, Craig and most of all my best bro Chris. To his wife Brenna and Paul's soon to be beautiful little girl. I know his soul will continue to bring on more amazing things in this lifetime, he meant to much to too many people not to live on within the people he touched. Mr Paul Dedrick Gray I will miss you my brother, I will miss the hugs and the kiss on the check everytime I saw you, I will always remember it like it was yesterday, you changed the world my friend and thank you for letting me a part of it. To my Slipknot bro's, I hope to see the family continue and keep Pauls creation alive. Everyone take care of you,,,

your will haven family.

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