Wednesday, May 12, 2010

new song with MOPA

Well here we go, hitting the studio next week to record our first part of the 2010 will haven..This first song is pretty rad and were pretty stoked on it. We toured with a band called My Own Private Alaksa (MOPA) about 2 years ago in Europe and became good friends with them. If you havent heard of them check them out below, they are an amazing band which features only piano, drums and vocals. Very orginal stuff and has alot of power to it even without the standard loud guitars. There record just came out a month or so ago and was produced by our good friend Ross Robinson. Truely amazing musicians. Well on that tour I knew right away I wanted to do something with Tristan (piano player). So with alot talks and recording we have finished his piano parts and they are amazing. So we will head into the studio to do our parts over it. pretty stoked to see how it comes out. Im hoping we can put this out soon for everyone to hear, so keep checking in...will have more studio info soon..hope all is well..


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  2. Wow! Totally right about MOPA - it's amazing seeing three guys make such a powerful noise without any guitars. I am insanely excited to hear this :)