Thursday, May 6, 2010

radio and stuff...

Sorry for the delay in updating, been a busy last few weeks...we have been putting together the details for the new record, looks like we should be in the studio recording the real deal very soon, we have a producer in mind for the new record which we will hopefully announce very shortly (when he calls me back) things are moving along. There will be tons of stuff to let you know very soon.
So I purchased a new truck about two weeks ago and it came with Sirius Satallite radio. I had never really listend to it before but started checking it out. So there is a metal station of course on there and I have been rocking that most of the time. In the two weeks I have been driving around checking it out I have heard will haven twice on there (Alpha Male and If She Could Speak) So whoever is over there at that station or you know who it is, please give them much much props, that was pretty rad that someone over there is still keeping us revelant. So with that I will be keeping my subscription to Sirius, got to support for sure. If you havent got the new Deftones record yet, GO GET IT!! trying to make those guys number 1 on the charts next week. Its an amazing record I promise.
So things are good here, just checking in, will have some news very shortly...

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