Monday, April 19, 2010

good times.....

Thanks to everyone who has been stopping by the blog, didnt know how many peeps checked this but it seems people are curious about our dumbasses, so thats rad, thank you!! since the feedback has been cool I wanted to keep up with the blog and post whatever whenever, just to make your trip here somewhat interesting, so as of right now Im waiting on an interview with one Chris Fehn, I did last week, but he is taking his time getting that back to me....but its all good, so if he doesnt get it back to me by tommorow im going to throw a snippet of a new demo'd song for the record, so we will see. I have interviews coming in from Grady and Mitch on the way as well, then I may give them the password to post shit, we will see, giving the guys in this band an open forum is dangerous...So check back tommorow and see what we ended up with.

(above pic)
I found this pic today when I was going through some WH pics, it was a tour we did with the Deftones back in 98. Such a rad time..this show was at the now torn down Astoria Theatre in London England. This was the last show of our 2 month tour with them accross Europe, Grady and I came out and did Head Up with them, the crowd was insane as you can see, now thats a show...good times with some of our best friends..If you havent heard the Tones have a new record coming out May 4th, GO GET IT!!! its beyond sick...thanks everyone..keep coming back, this shits fun..

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  1. Hope you guys are going to do a tour together again - that would be my dream come true!

  2. Jeff, and all the WHVN guys, I don't know how often any of you might check this page, but I'm so glad I found this space, since I heard that you guys are working on a new record I've been checking your dead myspace literally like every day in the hope that it would splutter back into life with some news. I'm completely stoked, WHVN has been my favourite band for years and defined my tastes in the noises I like to hear and make, and I'm glad I've found somewhere where you guys post news.

  3. Hey dr0nevil, thank you for the comment, yeah we like the blog stuff
    better than mypace, more personal, we are way stoked to be putting
    out some new music and really stoked to have people excited about
    it as well, thank you for all the support and cool words, means alot
    to us, hope to see you soon! All the best! -jeff