Monday, April 12, 2010

will haven news

hello! as we are in the works of putting together an "official" will haven site, we decided to hop on the blog train and post whats going on in the world of the haven...along with a little help from our friends we are going to post news, pics, interviews and yes even some tasty little samples of the new music, so its on kids!!! I think most of us are pretty bored during the day so expect this baby to be updated quite often..have fun and enjoy what goes on in our twisted little brains...


Jeff, Grady, Mitch, Chris, and yes Pag....


  1. Great !
    I can't wait to hear some new stuff.

  2. You won't believe how impatient I am to hear what you've been doing in the studio.

  3. don't care when the album comes out (actually the sooner the better) but i'll pay for ye to drink stout here in Ireland when ye do come over

  4. hold on, i'll actually pay for ye to come over