Wednesday, April 14, 2010

a little break...

been working hard on the record the last few weeks so this week we took a little break, some went to the ocean, some moving boxes, and some of us went to see Faith No More, Last time I had seen them was on the Angel Dust tour, that was like 17 years ago...I think Chris was able to see them last summer when they played a few shows with them, which I hate him for but its all good..All I can say is that bringing Faith No More back is the best thing the music gods could have ever resurrected. They were amazing, and would have to say were better than the last time I saw them in 93. Such sick musicians and Mike Patton is by far one of the best singers/showmen to ever grace the stage, they played for 2 hours and just ripped I left feeling inspired and happy to have seen one of my all time favorite bands again..if they roll through town check them out, it needs to be witnessed in person...(this pic was taken from the show the other night, patton still brings it)

so now its back to writting some more riffs...



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